The difference

Access professional advice aligned to your journey on a clearly defined fixed fee plan.

Privately Owned Licence

Wealth Elements is changing the face of financial advice in Australia.

We are not owned by any product or banking institution. We want to connect people to quality financial advice.


As a self-licensed practice, we can deliver objective advice.

Your financial life is our focus.




We develop a plan that covers each important aspect of your finances.

Access our experience in comprehensive advice and planning.

Why Partner With Us?

Smart Calculated Decisions

The smart financial decisions you make are more important than the investments themselves.

Together, we will put your financial life on the table to discuss the best way that you can get your wealth moving.

It’s easy to get distracted by friends, family and the media.

We will give you guardrails for success.

Navigate The Risks

We cannot get around them. Whether it is your health or a badly timed investment.

It is important to ensure that you understand the risks in your life so you can minimise any potential loss to your wealth over time.

The more you lose today is less that can grow tomorrow.

A Trend In Growth

People are always looking for a quick fix but we know from our experience that wealth comes to those who wait and stick to an ‘automated’ wealth plan over time.

We want to ensure that you achieve your objectives every year.

Our Vision

We strive to provide high quality, objective financial advice that has a lifetime of value to more families around Australia.