Get your wealth moving

Access professional advice aligned to your journey on a clearly defined fixed fee plan.


Before you move forward in the most effective way you need to understand where you are today.

We will give you an insight into your current position including your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your wealth. This includes a full mortgage and debt review.

Once you have a clear picture, you can determine what areas of your financial life should become your priority.


Your ‘human capital’ or your skills and experience that enables you to earn an income is the most important wealth generator so you need to consider a game plan if you lose this valuable asset.

We will discuss the types of strategies available including what ownership structure and premium affordability meets your circumstances.

The concept of losing your human capital is one of the most important conversations that you will have with your adviser.


Begin the investment journey and put the right foundations in place for yourself or your family’s future.

If you can determine why you are investing then you will be able to determine where you should begin.

Drive your wealth forward and access an automated wealth plan that meets your objectives.


Redesign your money to gain financial fitness!

Its simply not enough to glance at your online banking once in a while.

Wealth Elements will equip you to understand your spending and proactively track your budget so that you can get the savings for the things you love!


Partner with your dedicated adviser who will work with you to make the right decisions.

Before you consider driving your wealth forward, get the fundamentals right.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include your long-term savings vehicle (super), planning for the purchase of a home, cash flow and budgeting and debt management.


Manage your established wealth to maturity and ensure that it is sustainable and diversified.

If you’re a business owner, make sure your wealth is diversified away from your business entity.

Wealth comes in many forms and it’s important to have a well diversified and risk-aware portfolio. There is no doubt that you have worked hard to grow your wealth. Now, ensure that it is working at its optimal level and ready to be used for what is most important to you.